Payment Methods


Street Gear reserves the right to obtain validation of the User’s payment details before delivery of the Goods. Once payment has been made for an order, the Order remains valid as an offer until Street Gear issues a Confirmation of Order or a notice revoking the Order as the case may be. All goods shall remain the sole property of Street Gear until payment has been effected in full by the User. Once payment has been effected a valid sale shall have been concluded encompassing an offer by Street Gear and acceptance by the User. Street Gear offers the following methods of payment in completion of your transaction:


Street Gear accepts Credit Card and Debit or Cheque card payment via Visa and MasterCard only. These transactions shall be secure by means of our designated service provider, who shall ensure that your information is kept secure, that the correct amounts are debited and that your information is not disclosed without authorization or leaked, changed or misused. Should you have any concerns related to your card payment you are to contact us immediately via our designated customer service channels below. The User warrants that he/she is in possession of sufficient funds to complete the transaction and shall be liable for any additional service charges should the transaction be rejected.


Street Gear shall accept payment of funds at its sole and exclusive discretion via electronic funds transfer which requires the User to transfer funds directly from his/her bank account into Street Gear’s account through electronic banking systems. If this method is available the User will be redirected to Street Gear’s secure payment gateway and asked to required to select his/her bank. The details for the EFT payment will then be displayed, along with instructions regarding references and details of payment. All EFT payments shall require proof of payment to be sent to our designated EFT payments email address before the order is processed. Should the proof of payment not be received, Street Gear reserves the right to request same and/or within a reasonable time cancel the transaction. Street Gear reserves the right to charge any additional banking or service fees which may be incurred by means of this payment method.

Bank/Cash Deposit (South Africa & Africa)

  1. Customer contacts regarding bank/cash deposit orders
  2. Customer makes payment into the Street Gear’s bank account as provided below and sends proof of payment to with all the relevant information
  3. If no proof of payment is emailed, your order may be cancelled
  4. The order will only be dispatched once funds reflect into the account of Vayej Bros (Pty) Ltd
  5. Funds can take up to 5-7 working days to reflect
  6. Reference on the bank deposit must be the customer order number or email address
  7. All prices are subject to time that the deposit reflects into our account
  8. Once the funds have reflected your order will be processed
  9. Street Gear cannot guarantee the availability of stock when transactions are done with Bank Deposit Payment
  10. Please ensure if your order is under R500 to add in an extra R80 for shipping charges for within South Africa
  11. Any payments made from foreign countries, please ensure that the transport charges are included when making payment

Bank Deposit Details
Account Name: Vayej Bros (Pty) Ltd
Bank Name: First National Bank
Account Type: Cheque Account
Account Number: 62662626111
Branch Number: 220229

All payments must be cleared before an order is finalised. Where the consumer elects to pay via eft deposit, the following terms shall apply:

a) The order shall be processed only once the payment amounts clear in Street Gear’s banking account

b) Delivery to the consumer shall be 7 (seven) working days from date of receipt of the payment amounts in Street Gear’s bank account.